How to Earn Money without Investment Through Mobile Apps!

How to make money using apps.


On your days off of work are you constantly glued to your phone? Scrolling down Instagram and Facebook until there’s nothing left to see. Why not take a break and make a little extra money while you wait for more people to post a status update?

These are 5 apps that will help you make money.


Want to earn some carats? Slidejoy is an app that gives you carats (Their online currency) which can be exchanged for real money. All you have to do to earn carats is allow Slidejoy to put advertisements on your lock screen. Although, you may not earn that much money, it will add up, and you could soon end up with a free latte.Make money Using apps


Bitwalking is an app that literally pays you to walk around. Sick of walking around to catch pokemon? Why not make money while walking around trying to catch them. For 5000 steps you would earn approximately 50 cents. If you work outside this would be the perfect app for you! Earn money while earning money.

The app is currently available on android make sure to download it here.


Foap is a marketplace where you can sell all the photos you’ve taken with your phone. To make it simple each photo is worth $10. Every time you sell a photo you get half of the earnings. This is the perfect app if you already have an Instagram page with a decent following. Just set up an account, upload some photos and throw the link in your bio.


Okay so this app you won’t really be making money. I’d call this saving money. How E-bates works is they gave you cash back on products from the 1,700 qualified eCommerce stores. On top of giving you cash back they also offer coupons to further help you save money.

So the next time you’re shopping online check and see if E-bates has what you need!


SwagBucks allows you to make money in multiple ways. Watching videos, browsing the web, filling out surveys, downloading apps and more. Every Time you do one of these actions you get rewarded with some swag bucks. The only downside to this is SwagBucks can only be redeemed as gift cards, coupons or sweepstakes. But let’s be real. An amazon gift cards almost as good as real money.