How to Make Money On Instagram! The only article you need to succeed!

How to make money on Instagram

Like most online business ventures making money on Instagram is going to take time, and dedication. It’s not easy and it’s not guaranteed. It’s all up to you, the person in control. You have to be dedicated to what you’re doing in order to succeed.

For most of these monetization techniques your are going to need an Instagram following. If you don’t you’re probably not going to succeed. Check out my latest article “5 Ways to Get Instagram Followers” for tips on getting followers to your page.

Make Money On InstagramAffiliate offers

Affiliate offers are a great way to earn money with almost no effort. Simply post an image related to the product you are trying to sell, put the link in the caption and again in your bio and well-ah!

If you’ve never heard of affiliate offers before you’re probably wondering what they are, and how you can find them. Let me explain. A brand will pay you a commission whenever you get someone to do an action (Subscribe to an e-mail list, buy a product, fill out a survey). They give you a specific link and every time someone clicks it and does the targeted action you will get some money from the brand.

This is one of the easier methods, but without a huge following odds are you aren’t going to be making a lot of money.

There are thousands of websites online that offer a affiliate program but here are a few to get you started:




Selling Shoutouts

This is pretty self explanatory. If you have a large following you can sell shoutouts to other Instagram users. The prices vary depending on how big your following is and what the engagement rate is like on your page. If you’re page has 100k followers but you’re only reaching 200 users per post. Odds are people won’t pay you a whole lot.

Where can you find people to buy shoutouts?





Selling photos and graphics

Are you good at photography? Well Instagram is all about pictures, why not make the most of it. Using Instagram is a great way to make a portfolio of all your photo’s or graphic designs you would like to sell.

Take a stunning photo or design an awesome graphic design and upload it with a watermark. Use some hashtags for extra exposure and hopefully you can pull in a lead! Even if someone doesn’t buy it right away they may like what you have to offer and end up following you.

I suggest using a website to sell your photos on instead of doing your deals within the DM’s. This makes payment a lot easier, and guarantees neither of the users are scammed during the process. Here are a couple websites you can use to sell your artwork:


Shutter Stock


E-mail lists

An E-mail list is not only great for making money, it’s good for connecting with your audience. When someone signs up for your e-mail list it means they’ve gained your trust, and feel that you have something to offer.

The best way to gain email leads is to offer something free (an e-book or digital download of some sort), in order to get this product they have to submit their email. Once you gain enough leads you want to start sending the user’s affiliate offers via email. Although, you should try not to do this to often because they may get annoyed and end up marking your emails as spam.

How can I start an email list?
Check out

Grow and sell accounts

This is a good option if you have a lot of time on your hands, or money to buy software to do this for you. Basically you just start an account, build it up to a decent following and sell it to someone else.

This is time consuming but it can pay off. I treat building an Instagram following like clash of clans. Open it up every hour or so, do a couple methods to gaining followers, close the app and continue on with my day. Just like clash of clans, building an Instagram account can become highly addictive. The upside is it’s completely free.

Where can i sell accounts?




Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, techniques or opinions make sure to leave a comment down below.