Find Drop Shipping Business Ideas! Little Investment, Big Profit!

The Best Method to Find Profitable Drop Shipping Business Ideas.


Are you sick of working for the man? Want to start a business but aren’t sure where to begin?

Thanks to drop shipping anyone with a computer can easily setup shop from home and start earning from an ecommerce store.

But what is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an easy method of starting an online ecommerce store where you don’t have to handle inventory.
You upload some images and descriptions of a product from a dropship wholesaler website, or Aliexpress.

When someone buys from your website you go to Aliexpress or the dropship wholesaler website and get the item sent directly to the buyer.

You are the middle man in this business. You choose the prices, you choose the profit.

The Big Question: How do i get drop shipping business ideas?

Well, I’m going to tell you the successful method that I’ve used on my websites to get drop shipping business ideas.

Step 1: Figure out what website you are going to be using to drop ship.

There are tons of different websites that offer drop shipping but they can be hard to find depending on the niche you choose.

For this article I’m going to be using Aliexpress as an example.

Random Tip for finding drop shippers: Go to google search and type Your niche + dropshipping. (ex. Gaming gear + Dropshipping)

Step 2. Do your research and do it right.

Research is the easiest way to come up with drop shipping business ideas.

The type of things you want to look at while researching.

  • Is it already selling?
  • Is the seller you are buying from trusted? Do they have lots of good reviews?
  • How fast will it be delivered to the customer?
  • Does it come with a tracking number once shipped?

On Aliexpress they have sections such as “Best Selling” and “Super Deals”.


I like to browse through those categories and find items my potential clients would be into. If you don’t see any products that suit your niche don’t worry.

Go to the category that a product in your niche would be found under, and sort it by best selling.

Step 3. Even more research.

Once you successfully find a product that’s popular within your niche its time to do some more research.
Go to Amazon, and Ebay and search the exact title as listed on Aliexpress. Odds are there is hundreds of people selling the exact same product.

Why are you searching it on amazon and Ebay?

This is to check how well it is selling, but more importantly to see what the average price is in your area for the product. If people are selling the item for cheaper then the Aliexpress listing then its time to rethink your drop shipping business idea.

Step 4. Finding drop shipping business ideas on Amazon

Another great way to find drop shipping business ideas is to browse amazon. Sure you’re not going to be drop shipping directly from amazon but its a great place to find products to sell.

For example. You’re looking at action cameras on amazon. And see a no name brand camera with hundreds of sales and four to five star ratings.

The Vtin 4K Camera is selling for $109.99 on amazon, and you know people want to buy it.Drop Shipping business ideas

You do a simple search for 4K action cameras on Aliexpress and you find that you can get one almost identical for $38-$79.


If you pay $79 for the one on Aliexpress and bump the price up to $108.99 that’s $29.99 per salein profit.


Step 5. Creating the store and getting your first sale.

(I’m not going to be getting into detail here. I may do that in a future article, as this articles main purpose is to find drop shipping business ideas.)

The easiest way to drop ship with little experience is to create a Amazon or Shopify store to upload products to.

They are easy to setup, easy to control and maintain and require little to no experience.

If you have some knowledge of WordPress then it can be a great alternative platform to use, with lots of customization options.

  • David Crellen

    Thank you for such informative articles. Regarding dropshipping, how would you handle returns, refunds, cancellations, etc? Do these issues pass through to the supplier? If not, it seems like a huge liability.


    • Brendon Maynze

      Great question David. If you are considering using Ali express, they do have a buyer protection policy. If someone doesn’t receive their order you can contact aliexpress and get a full refund, which you yourself would end up sending back to the buyer. Also, if the item is damaged or not as described, get the buyer to send pictures so you can forward the photos to the supplier to get full or partial refund.

      As for cancellations, if you haven’t gave order to the supplier before they decided to cancel, just don’t make the order, and send the money back. In the case that you made the order, check to see if it has shipped yet, if not you can most likely cancel the order with them. If you are ordering from aliexpress and it has already shipped, there’s not much you can do, unless you want the customer to ship it back to hong kong or china. If you pick a vendor from within the United States (assuming that’s where your targeted audience is) it will make it a lot easier for them to send the returns. (A bonus local drop shippers, is that shipping is much faster)

      If you choose to drop ship from another supplier within your area, make sure to talk to them about what will happen if item is damaged, missing parts etc. Most drop shipping suppliers will have different guidelines, and it’s important to do proper research of the company.

      All businesses are going to have liability issues, your just going to have to accept that. I find that drop shipping has lower liability issues because you do not risk ordering stock that does not sell.

      I hope I answered all your questions.