How to Boost Your Blog Traffic By Writing Phenomenal Content

Five tips that will help you write better content for your blog. Bring yourself more readers, more sales, and more conversions.

Learning how to write can give your blog a drastic boost in traffic and engagement. When writing an article the goal should always be to grab a reader’s attention. Unfortunately, not a lot of people can do that. Fortunately, you can use this to your advantage to outperform your competitors.

I’m going to be showing you how to harness the power of English and make better content for your audience, while helping you boost your conversions.

Tips on writing well


The style of your writing is based on many elements. The main three being word choice, rhythm and voice. Your style of writing depends on how you think and your ability to write those thoughts down.

The great word dump

Some people do what is called a word dump. They write down everything the comes to mind without a second thought. Leaving the page murdered in unstructured sentences and grammatical errors, but it’s fast.  Although, this is most common with kids and teenagers it is known to happen with adults too. This may not be such a bad thing. People who word dump can revise their work after, and make it easily readable. So, if this sounds like you don’t worry.

Word choice

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what word to use is, “Is it precise?”. If yes, keep writing. If not just quickly think of another word that would fit well in the sentence, and keep on truckin’.

Many people use unnecessary words when they write, maybe because it makes them sound smarter, maybe because they want to hit that word count. I don’t know. But what I do know is you should always keep your sentences as short as possible. QUIT USING UNNECESSARY WORDS! Instead of overusing adjectives and adverbs, focus on words that will contribute to the flow of your writing.


Rhythm is another key element in writing. Does your writing flow? If your writing doesn’t have a good flow, it’s gonna be hard for readers to enjoy. My suggestion is to try using multiple lengths, and rhythms and see how it affects your writing. If you find a rhythm you enjoy reading, try writing a whole article in the same style.


Is your voice worth listening to?  I assume you answered yes, but why? What makes your voice stand out compared to the rest? Voice is an essential element of writing styles. Without a good voice you risk sounding like a robot, and if you’re not bender from futurama nobody’s gonna enjoy your article. The voice is different with every writer.

Some types of voices:

  • Funny
  • Serious
  • Passionate
  • Personal
  • Reflective

Selecting a topic

Unless you’re doing freelance writing odd’s are you get to choose the topic of the article you’re writing. When I’m selecting a topic I always look for ideas that interest me. Interesting topics, make interesting reads, trust me when I say this makes researching a lot easier.


Research is the basis of any good article. It takes a long time, but if you put in a lot of research you can create an outstanding article. When I do my research I look through about 4-10 articles, and just take notes and add them to my outline. This makes the main draft a lot easier to write later in the process.

Things you may want to look for while researching:

  • Statistics
  • Quotes
  • Helpful products
  • News
  • Facts

Tighten your draft

Tightening your sentences will make your writing easier to read. You don’t need to shove as many words into a sentence as possible just to impress google. Remember, you’re writing for the audience.

When tightening your draft it’s important to cut words that don’t need to be there, such as adjectives and adverbs. A Good writer is always scarce about how many adjectives and adverbs they use.

Another important thing is, DO NOT repeat yourself. If you find yourself repeating key points go back and delete it. The audience will not want to stick around to read the same fact five times in one article. Trust me.

Learn to use commas

Learning to properly use commas is a must. Improper use of commas could mess the readers up, forcing them to go back and re-read the sentence. Some people won’t even consider re-reading, they will just click off the page.

Check out this guide by Business Insider on proper comma use.

Read It and Revise It

This is perhaps the most important step. At the end of every writing process, you should read it over multiple times. Read it in your head, read it out loud, and if you must, get someone else to read it.

When checking your writing over make sure:

  • There are no spelling errors
  • You are not repeating yourself multiple times throughout the article.
  • You have properly used commas.
  • All the facts in your article are in fact, fact.
  • It has proper rhythm and word choice.


If you work on implementing these Five rules on writing well into your work, there is no doubt that it will drastically improve. Good writing will not only keep a reader interested, in will make them engage more. This could be simple things such as commenting on your blog, sharing it on twitter, or even just word of mouth.

If these tips on writing well didn’t help you, leave a comment down below explaining why and feel free to check out my new blog GadgetDX.