5 Quick Ways to Make Money with Clickbank! The Ultimate Clickbank Guide!

How to make money with ClickBank

If you are into affiliate marketing odds are you’ve heard of Clickbank. It’s one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet. The best part of Clickbank is they cut all the bullsh*t out. There’s no paperwork to fill out, no agreements to accept, and 90% of the time there is no need to be approved. Just find an offer and get promoting.

Click bank has the largest commission on sales (up to 75%), with no cap on how many products you can sell. There’s thousands of products to chose from in almost any niche you can imagine. This is a great affiliate network for anybody trying to get into the affiliate marketing business. Surely you will be able to make money with Clickbank.

money with clickbank

How to pick an offer that sells.

When choosing an offer always make sure to pick a product within your niche. What you’re looking for when choosing your first offer is not the commission price. It is the average sales, and the gravity of the product. The gravity of the product is how many people have sold that affiliate offer within the last twelve weeks. If it has a high amount of gravity that means that their website is doing a good job at converting traffic into buyers.

If you pick a high amount of commission over a high gravity score odds are you won’t convert many people, if anyone at all. Ten $10 sales is just as good as one $100 sales. You get the point.

So once you have picked an offer how do you get your first sale?

Social media

Social media is a great place to start advertising your affiliate offer. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, they can all bring you loads of traffic if you use them right. If you already have a page on

Use social media to make money with clickbank

one of these platforms with a large following you have a head start. Just pick a high converting product from within your niche and post it to your page. If you’re fans are interested in the product you will be making money with Clickbank in no time!

Your website

Having a website is one of the best ways you could go about marketing an affiliate offer. But there’s different ways to go about advertising it within your website. You could create articles recommending your audience the product. You could also throw some flashy banners onto your website header or sidebar. Check out LocationRebel for an in depth article on how to make money with affiliate marketing.

E-mail list

An E-mail list is the highest converting way to advertise a clickbank product. Most of the time when someone signs up to your E-mail list it’s because they trust you. To sell clickbank products most times you need to have a relationship built with your targeted audience.

The average landing page for an affiliate offer dosn’t look appealing to the eye. Most people would click away from the site almost instantly. But, because they trust you they will trust the website you are promoting.  Unlike a social media post, an e-mail almost always gets seen unless it makes it in the spam folder. This is what is so great about E-mail marketing.

Youtube Videos

Youtube is a great platform to make money with Clickbank. The best part about it is that it’s free. All you will need is a camera, smartphone or even just a microphone. You would start by making a short tutorial, how-to video, testimonial or review video and throwing the product into it somewhere. Then you just leave the affiliate link in the description of the video, tell people to click it and well-ah!

When using YouTube it’s good to note that you need to properly optimize SEO. I will be showing you how you can do this in my next blog post. Once it is up i will update this with the link.


This is a good route to take if you have some income to throw around. What you do is buy a couple ads on websites within the niche of the product you are trying to sell and let the ads work there magic. Not all ad campaigns are going to work so you have to test multiple ads, see what converts and work off that.